A Visit to M&S Schmalberg

Seek is pleased to partner with, and promote, the many independent designers and family-owned businesses that make up the New York City garment industry. When possible, we arrange visits to neighborhood showrooms and workspaces to give our private tour customers an in-depth look at the design and production process. During a recent Garment District tour, our guests had the opportunity to visit the factory of M&S Schmalberg.

A visit to M&S Schmalberg in the NYC Garment District

Nestled in the heart of the New York City Garment District, M & S Schmalberg is the largest direct manufacturer of custom silk fabric flower pins in the United States. They are a fourth generation, family-owned company producing large orders of flowers, as well as one-of-a-kind custom pieces made from a variety of fabrics, leathers, and skins.

M&S Schmalberg flowers are made by hand in their Garment District factory, and have been made via the same process since 1916. During a recent New York Garment District tour, Seek guests had a chance to learn all about this time-honored process, getting a glimpse of their fabric flower production from start to finish:

Custom fabric flowers by M&S Schmalberg Silk flowers on display at the M&S Schmalberg factory
Seek Garment District tours can include a visit to factories such as M&S Schmalberg
Finished flowers ready for sale at M&S Schmalberg in the Garment District Seek Garment District tour guests had the chance to explore the process of creating a silk flower
Components used to manufacture fabric flowers at M&S Schmalberg in the Garment District in NYCCustom fabric flowers in the NYC Garment District Explore the process of creating silk flowers during a Seek NYC Garment Center tour
Fabrics used for creating silk flowers at M&S Schmalberg in their Garment District factory
Workers creating fabric flowers at M&S Schmalberg in the NYC Garment District NYC Garment District flower productionA flower by M&S Schmalberg, handmade in NYC
Photos by Elizabeth Evertsz

Schmalberg flowers have been featured in magazines and runways; their flowers have been used for clothing, accessories, millinery, bridal, and home furnishings. You can follow M&S Schmalberg on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or visit their online store to purchase their products.

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