Discount Shopping Tour

Save on Summer Tours!

If you're headed to NYC in the next few weeks and are looking for something fun and fashion-y to do, we've got a great deal! Take 20% off public tour tickets when you purchase today through 7/19 and use code SUMMER at checkout. Discount may be used for any of the following tour itineraries and dates: Read More...

NYC Discount Shopping Tours

Planning a trip to NYC this spring or summer? Want to spend lots of time shopping, but your taste is more discount than Dior? Think you won’t find anything in NYC that fits your budget? Seek’s discount shopping tour is just for you! Read More...

Tour of the Week: Bargain Hunting

Maybe you're planning your first trip to NYC and would love to spend a day shopping, but think there is no way you'll be able to afford anything more than a keychain or a pain of socks. After all, shows like Sex and the City make it easy to believe that everyone in New York is running around buying $400 shoes, dropping thousands of dollars on designer duds, and drinking cocktails at exclusive  nightclubs six nights a week. But the truth is, while a lucky few might live in swanky SoHo lofts (see: Million Dollar Listing), the majority of New Yorkers are everyday folks. They're teachers, accountants, and small business owners. They take their kids to the park and buy paper towels at K-Mart and occasionally spend Friday nights on the couch catching up on that week's sitcoms. Sure, there are plenty of differences (New Yorkers do their grocery shopping at neighborhood markets rather than giant warehouse clubs, and the city is famously free of that well-known big box store) but for the most part, life in New York is Read More...