Makeup & Accessories Tour

Wanna Shop Like an Insider?

The sign on this wholesale jewelry store says "Merchants Only," but will they let you in anyway? At Seek, we know the ins and outs of the wholesale district, including which stores are open to the public. Take an NYC Bargain Hunting Tour or Makeup & Accessories shopping tour and see the Seek advantage for yourself!

Tour of the Week: Makeup & Accessories

Seek’s NYC Makeup & Accessories Tour is all about the little things that make an outfit awesome. Shop for shoes, socks, tights, jewelry, handbags, makeup, nail polish, hair accessories, funky wigs, hats, brooches, cufflinks, pin-on flowers, wallets, scarves, and...well, you get the picture. If you're all about the accents, you're in for a treat. Read More...