Summer Fashion

Gingham Galore

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article titled, “Gingham Fashion Has a Summer Moment.” We hadn’t really noticed, but now we can’t help but see gingham everywhere we look. Available in bold prints and teeny checks, a rainbow of colors, and everything from swimsuits to sandals, gingham really is having its day in the sun. And while it might conjure up images of picnic baskets, baby clothes, or Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, plenty of designers are using the classic checkerboard fabric in new and inspiring ways. Read More...

10 Tiny Indulgences to Help Beat the Heat

It's the first day of summer, and here in New York City it is hot outside. Like, melt-your-makeup, eat-nothing-but-popsicles, 90-degrees-at-9PM hot. And since it's only June, there are sure to be plenty more sweltering days on the horizon. With that in mind, here are ten tiny fashion indulgences to help you beat the heat and prepare for the long, hot summer ahead: