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Save 25% on Saturday Tours!

It might not feel like it, but May is just around the corner! If you’re planning a weekend getaway to NYC, take advantage of this special offer to tour the NYC Garment District at a discounted rate.

Trim shop in the New York City Fashion District

Reserve your spot on a public Garment District walking tour for any Saturday during the month of May, and save 25% on tickets (reg. $40). All Saturday tours begin at 10 AM, and include a mix of fashion landmarks, fabric and trim stores, garment industry history, famous design schools, Project Runway locations, and more. All tours are led by a professional costume or fashion designer who is also a fully licensed NYC Sightseeing Guide.


Explore the NY Fashion Center

For first-time visitors to NYC, hearing about the NY Fashion Center can sometimes be a bit misleading. People hear “Garment Center” or “Fashion Center” and expect to find streets lined with clothing retailers, but with the exception of 34th Street, very few clothing stores make their home within the boundaries of the NY Fashion Center. Instead, the Fashion Center (a.k.a. the Garment District, Garment Center, or Fashion District) is best described as the epicenter of the fashion industry in NYC (and, some would say, the world!) Read More...

New York Fashion Center

Also known as the Garment District or Garment Center, the New York Fashion Center is located between 34th and 42nd Streets on the west side of midtown Manhattan. The New York Fashion Center is home to fabric stores, fashion design studios, showrooms, sample makers, and other businesses crucial to the fashion industry. Read More...