Services for Professional Designers

Local costume design assistants will take you to fabric stores in New York City.
If you're a professional costume designer who typically works in another city and are planning a trip to New York, hire one of our local costume design assistants to show you around town.

Costume designers who work in other parts of the country might not be familiar with all of the fabric stores, New York costume shops, and other resources available in New York City. Even if you've been here a couple of times and think you know your way around, you'll be surprised at the places a Seek costume designer will show you!

New York costume design professional will guide you around the city via public transportation and/or cab, and take you to the stores and sources best-suited to your particular project.

All of our assistants have a background in fabric swatching, shopping, and assisting for Broadway, regional theatre, opera, TV, or film, and are fully qualified to serve as a second (or third, if you're bringing your own assistant on the trip!) set of eyes. They can also assist in carrying packages and help to arrange shipping if you plan on mailing purchases back to your home turf.

Virtual Costume Design Assistant

Virtual costume design assistants will help you get the job done.
Are you working on a project in another part of the country and simply can't find what you're looking for at the local mall? Thinking about renting from a New York costume shop or rental house but a couple of e-mailed photos aren't enough to make a decision? Can't make it to the city to take measurements or fit a garment on a New York-based actor? Let us do the legwork!

virtual costume design assistants can track down only-in-NYC items, or go directly to a store or rental house to view garments in person. They can swatch fabrics, collect color cards, or buy an extra yard of that trim that you thought you had enough of.

All of our assistants have a background in costuming for theatre, opera, or TV/film, know their way around the NYC Garment District, have extensive shopping and swatching experience, and are fully qualified to make design decisions or provide a second opinion. Have purchases shipped directly from stores or rental houses, or let us send them to you via your preferred shipping company.

Costume Design Services for Theatre, TV, and Film