Men's Wardrobe Styling Services

With our men's wardrobe styling services, you'll shop alongside a personal stylist at popular New York City men's stores. Your stylist will offer fashion advice and teach you to choose the best clothing styles, cuts, and colors for your body type, hair color, and complexion. We've helped men of all ages, from recent college grads embarking on their professional careers to single thirty-somethings to retirees looking to spruce up their vacation wardrobe.

At Seek, we
get dudes. We know you know nada about shopping. Stepping into a department store is like entering The Twilight Zone. You don't understand the difference between a straight leg and a boot cut, and you have no idea whether a "slim" "relaxed" or "classic" fit would look best on you. Your collar size is a total mystery (hint: "umm...large?" is not the right answer) and you can't figure out why you're supposed to try things on before you take them home. Maybe you think you look okay but would like a non-biased opinion.

Based on an initial consultation and style questionnaire, our
men's fashion stylist will create a game plan specifically for you, and will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your style goals.