Closet reboot wardrobe edit and closet audit in NYC.
Seek New York LLC can help you with a closet audit and wardrobe edit with a New York wardrobe stylist.

Edit your closet and reboot your style.

Closet Reboot

Seek's Closet Reboot is an affordable alternative to our wardrobe styling services. Work with a professional stylist to learn how to edit your closet and utilize clothing items that are already in your wardrobe.

What's a reboot?
Do you have great clothes in your wardrobe but no idea how to put them together? Can't decide what's in and what's out this season? Not sure if that impulse purchase says "smart and stylish" or "completely clueless?" Having trouble sorting out what to keep and what to toss? Book a closet reboot and get personalized advice from one of our style consultants.

How does it work?

During a
closet editing session (lasting approximately two or three hours) with an NYC personal stylist, you'll work together on a full closet audit. Analyze the clothing you currently own, figure out what to throw away or donate, and learn how to make outfits with what you have left.

Working alongside your professional wardrobe stylist, you'll begin by
sorting through your existing wardrobe and tossing anything dated, dowdy, or just plain disgusting. (Don't worry, we'll let you keep that broken-in pair of jeans or the super soft high school tee shirt you can't bear to part with!) Tossed items will be separated into "donate" and "dumpster" piles based on their condition.

After weeding out the disasters, your personal stylist will help you
figure out how to utilize the pieces left in your closet. Mix and match your current clothing items in new and unexpected combinations, and learn to accessorize using shoes, belts, and jewelry items you already own. Your stylist will also offer suggestions for possible clothing alterations (and a referral to a tailor, if desired) to make the most of pieces that are stuck in the back of your closet simply because they don't quite fit.

Along the way, your personal fashion stylist will suggest key clothing items that might be lacking from your current wardrobe. You'll leave Seek's Closet Reboot with personalized store recommendations and/or suggested online resources to help you fill in the blanks. And if it turns out that you need some help with the shopping after all, we'll gladly give you a discount on our
personal shopping and one-on-one wardrobe styling services.

If you live in
Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, the Closet Reboot will take place at your home or office. Out-of-town visitors may schedule a personal styling appointment at one of the city's department stores, and are welcome to bring all or some of their current wardrobe for analysis prior to shopping.

Seek New York Closet Reboot, Closet Audit, and NYC Wardrobe Edit